For most Americans, holding a full-time job offers the stable hours, pay, and benefits they need to live the lives they want to. There are some professions, however, that offer job scheduling that allows for employees to take on a little more or there are those who just are not satisfied with a 40-hour week job. Managing a full-time job means that you’ll get paid vacation, medical insurance, and retirement that make it worth it. To add on top of that, some people choose to manage a part-time job for extra hours and pay, while skipping out on the benefits.  PRN —also called “per diem” or “as needed” — is a great alternative for those who are looking to pick up additional hours, but need the flexibility that a part-time job doesn’t. 

In nursing, there are more than enough PRN positions to go around. So, today’s post is dedicated to explaining some of the benefits of taking on a PRN position.

Explore Alternative Specialties

If you have found your niche and love it, working on it full-time is ideal. However, in the field of nursing, there are so many specialties, locations, and roles to explore. Picking up a PRN job in something more generic or a different specialty can offer you a break from your normal day-to-day and offer you experience in a different field, widening your experience and knowledge-base. 

Set Your Own Schedule

One of the biggest benefits to a PRN position is getting to have more control over your schedule. Some employers may require a shift minimum — such as one shift a pay-period or one shift a month — while others are just glad to have a pool of nurses on the book for when they need them. You are able to submit your availability or offer to pick up the shifts you can without the obligation to make things work for shifts that do not fit your schedule. 

Make Extra Money When You Need It

If you are saving for a vacation, the holidays, or you just have some leave from your full-time job, you can call on your PRN position to make some extra cash when you need it and limit availability when you don’t. It is always nice to have the freedom to only pick up extra shifts when you want or need to.

Hourly Rates Are Higher

An immediate benefit that most nurses who take on a PRN job notice right away is the higher hourly rate. PRN personnel are often paid a higher hourly rate to compensate for what you do not make in benefits. Because PRN positions are not eligible for benefits that may include clothing allowance, bonuses, or the standard benefits package, a portion of the difference is added in base pay. 

“Try It On”

If you have been looking into changing directions in your nursing career, picking up a PRN job will allow you to experience the job without committing to full-time right off the bat. If you decide it is a good fit for you, you can discuss part-time or full-time opportunities with your employer. 

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