When you are looking for nursing career opportunities, it can be a full-time job to find the right position. There are hundreds of available positions at any given time in Southern California, so finding the right one for you can seem like finding a needle in a haystack. There are many factors that create the equation for your job search. When you work with a nurse staffing agency, the leg work is done for you!

At Nightingale’s List, we are a nurse staffing agency that was created by nurses, for nurses. Because we understand the many factors of finding the right position and the variables that create a job, we can match the right nurse with the right employer to create the most harmonious vibe. Join us in today’s post as we discuss some of the reasons that you should work with a nurse staffing agency the next time you are on the hunt for your next nursing career opportunity.

Negotiation Liasion

You know what you are worth. Potential employers know what you are worth. However, in job negotiations, of course, a potential employer wants to cut costs that affect their bottom line and may attempt to hire you at the lowest rate possible. This generally leads to poor job satisfaction, ultimately affecting performance, and leads to high turnover rates where you will accept the job only until you can find something that better suits you. Get paid what you are worth from the get-go and find a career opportunity that is sustainable for the long-term when you have an advocate to handle the negotiations for you.

Job Search

Have you attempted a nursing job search recently? You likely got back hundreds of results. This is encouraging that there are plenty of positions in your career field and you are likely to quickly find a job, but it can be incredibly overwhelming weeding through them. Even the best filters are no match for the actual job descriptions and matching them to your skill set and credentials. A nurse staffing agency does all the searching for you! Since nurse staffing agencies essentially have two clients — nurses and nursing employers — they are invested in finding the best match for both sides. Whatever your unique credentials and skills may be, a nurse staffing agency can find the right fit so you can get to work in a job you’ll succeed at.

Vetting Facilities

If you have conducted a job search, chances are you came across hundreds of different companies. Some you are familiar with and others you’ve never heard of. While there is a need for nurses in nearly every industry, internet searches don’t weed out the less-than-legitimate businesses. When you apply for a nursing job, you will have to consent to a background check, credential verification, drug test, and a host of other quality assurance checks to make sure that you are the nurse you claim to be. Shouldn’t an employer have to do the same? A nurse staffing agency vets employers before offering their pool of quality nurses up for hire. You can rest assured that when you use a nurse staffing agency for job placement, you are being matched with legitimate, quality employers.

At Nightingale’s List, our staff or registered nurses have seen, firsthand, the product of poorly placed nurses in the quality of care delivered, turn over rates, and job satisfaction. We strive to solve these problems by matching skilled nurses to high-quality, fair-paying positions that meet the needs of all parties involved. If you are a nurse looking for a new career opportunity in Southern California, contact us to find the right position today!