If you are responsible for staffing at a thriving medical facility, you undoubtedly wear many hats. You’ve got to manage time, resources, funding, and personnel and in the quick-paced healthcare industry, turnover rates rarely allow a facility to keep up with patient demand. If you are on the search for high-quality nurses with valid credentials, a clean background, relevant training and experience, and who specialize in your field, you know you can be searching through thousands of applicants. Join us in today’s post as we discuss some of the benefits of working with a nurse staffing agency to solve your staffing problems.

Get Back to the Things That Matter

One of the main reasons that medical facilities or agencies that staff medical personnel choose to work with a nurse staffing agency is to have someone else handle the legwork so management can focus on other things. As part of the management team, searching through resumes and hiring should take very little time out of your day, but to find the right one can be quite extensive. This can lead to taking more than the desired time to find someone or hiring someone who isn’t the right fit for the sake of filling the schedule. When you work with a nurse staffing agency, they can do all that for you and send you a well-qualified nurse to start today!

Resume Search

There are several resume and job search/ posting platforms that offer resume sorting and filtering options. However, these filter settings often do a simple keyword search and send you all of the resumes that meet pre-determined criteria. As you already know, people aren’t always what they seem on paper. Sorting resumes by using these methods means you may miss qualified candidates because they didn’t use a certain phrase, or you could get a stack of resumes of people who don’t match your company’s environment because they did. Let humans go through resumes to find the best candidates on paper and in person. 

Vetting Nurses

You know that no matter what a resume says or how the interview goes, the real decision-making lies in the responses from agencies including the state board of nursing license verification, background check, and drug tests or other required screening processes. When you work with a nursing staff agency like Nightingale’s List, we pre-vet all of our nurses. This saves you time and allows well-qualified, vetted nurses to start as soon as you need them too.

At Nightingale’s List, we partner with companies who staff nurses and nursing recruiters to find the best nurses for the job. No matter how quickly you need a nurse or what qualifications you need them to have, chances are, we have nurses in our queue who meet your needs. We have scoured Southern California to find the best nurses and can’t wait for you to meet them. Save time, money, and resources when you partner with us for your staffing needs. Contact us to find the right nurse for your open positions today.